My CPU teammates have breakdowns on protection or can't fill lanes properly

My CPU teammates have breakdowns on protection or can't fill lanes properly


Yeah I gotId disagree w you guy. They've removed amazing features through time, become extremely exploitative with VC/MT, and haven't notably enhanced the atrocious AI and role-playing game in years. They shore from their chokehold on 2K21 MT the market and dedicate their resources to superficial nonsense like Spike Lee directing unskippable cutscenes or even Idris Elba being your coach. Unacceptable shit happens every time I play a 2K game. The CPU competition might dribble beyond the 3pt line for 23 seconds then get their shit packed on a heavily contested 3.

My CPU teammates have breakdowns on protection or can't fill lanes properly. When it safely dropped at the hoop, random 360 windmills in traffic getting blocked. I can not even create the MyPlayer I need because they imposed these bs limits on stats and made NBA 2K far more grindy. They are the developers.

As a big NBA fan I enjoy that they put Kobe in for the covers, though I'm conflicted on using him for this year's legend edition. Clearly Kobe is Kobe, he's been the legend variant cover athlete earlier, but now that he's passed away I don't know whether I enjoy them using his likeness to market the $100 expensive special edition. Also, I really hope there's attribute parity between current gen and next gen versions. Afaik the model is the gen, and I'm not likely to get a PS5 for a little while.

People really upset the a LEGEND is on the legend variant. Individuals who buy the version that is more expensive do so because they can afford it and take pleasure in the bonuses. If not they will settle with edition that is normal. I doubt someone is gonna break their bank just to receive a cover picture even if it is Kobe. The trailers and the kobe covers in addition to the way 2K will do the different versions for next gen and present gen. Pretty much all news releasing rn. Kobe was obviously expected and only fitting. Covers are stunning. Keep in mind NBA 2K is printed by the exact same company that is about to re-release GTA V for another time.

Have fun with all the 10$ worth of content you paid double NBA 2K's price for! 2K's been money milking more than Overkill did with Payday2, but atleast the"counterpart for Ronnie" from OVK went and published a buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins movie such as - listen, we creating payday3 but we fucking brokewe resuming support for Payday2 and creating some last shit dlc soy'all could throw us a couple bucks and we dont danger 505Games literally auctioning* (I cant type) our asses to the best offer if PD3 doesent violate the marketplace - (PSA: I might have used hyperboles for the last section but that was still the significance, ok?)

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