If OSRS polls a new skill archaeology is a skill

So I moved on RS3 to try out the skill, and buy RS gold it's super fun.


So I moved on RS3 to try out the skill, and buy RS gold it's super fun. It has all of the vital elements: Rewarding, enjoyable and lore-wise exciting. Where you stay at the exact same place most of the time the ability is a skill. You go forth and back between some locations all of the way from lvl 1. As a bonus, there's mysteries you can discover while training it, which are similar to some small quests- that they reward you with a little amount of exp after finishing, and theres tetracompass pieces you'll be able to collect which are like hint scrolls with brand new rewards, and also at higher level you can collect some rare weapon bits which may be traded for a lot of gp. The concept behind the skill is amazing, and I think something similar would fit OSRS. Has anyone tried it out? If so, what is your opinion?

I discovered Archeology slow and boring. The lore is cool but that's kinda it. Having played RS3 a decent piece the last couple months, exactly what I need in OSRS is much more quests. RS3 is worth playing for the quests independently. I don't remember the xp speeds. I did it and haven't gone back. I do recall you get very little xp until you can fix an item it gives a boost. Getting that merchandise is slow. I found it incredibly slow and a complete slog. I can't think of a ability that is worse to train.

I definitely think a new skill that is consistent with the of gaming is needed by osrs. It would be nice to have a skill that isn't such a grind. A good deal people are comfortable and embrace the grind since it's all we know. Like lots of players are set off by it, I feel. Could be great for players if there was a more interactive skill that didn't feel like such a tireless slog and actually rewarding in brief bursts. Osrs has done very well with in this regard to PVM using the new mechanics for bosses. Things like zalcono gauntlet and the new agility are all steps in the right direction. It has been refreshing to see a new way to train abilities.

I think that it would be well done and received by the community In case jagex implemented this all into a brand-new skill. I believe hallowed sepulchre is a model of how content should be designed by them. The XP rates should be lower or equal to meta training, but also make it enjoyable and engaging to perform. Since I could enjoy the sepulchre for an hour I would much rather do hallowed runs in xp an hour than seers at 50k. People so often get mad at eliminating"the grind", but it is still gonna require dozens of hours to maximum a skill with engaging material should you create the xp rates exactly the same as current training procedures. The grind will actually be a game rather than spam clicking.

Imo you've got it backward. Sepulchre ought to be in xp or higher xp than meta as a result of clicks and focus required. Enjoyment shouldn't be a variable. End game bosses need focus for great reward. The exact same is required by sepulchre to get a reward compared to afk path. Agree with the philosophy, though I think sweaty men and women complain when new coaching methods come out there are meta xp prices, therefore it is probably tough to pass changes that transcend current training procedures. Plus there's a gp component we are currently ignoring in this. Sepulchre makes more money than rooftop courses, so cheap OSRS gold that should be accounted for in xp prices.

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