2k20's Pros and Cons

It was the exact same this season, but I'm tired of pro am and nba 2k20 mt coins rec simply being a sneak spam fest.


It was the exact same this season, but I'm tired of pro am and nba 2k20 mt coins rec simply being a sneak spam fest. It makes NBA 2K20 more just so unfun as it may be much more. Steal spam, zone, and 5 outside leaves NBA 2K20 incredibly insistent and boring.I really adore the new build platform. It made it fun to go back and make more than 1 player. For 2K21, if they can keep something similar to this and completely update the playground and neighborhood (redo, not get rid of), then I believe I will be pretty happy.

I am sure I will get downvoted for this however about the my career itself. My career has turned into a matter where unless you decide on the most cheesy construct or yt what goes to do you'll struggle. In past years our expert am team stayed 50-100 wins over.500 but this year we can not even manage.500 thanks to individuals people having the ability to easily pull up at half court greatly contested, or steal even the most fundamental and secure moves. I'd also like to state the matchmaking itself needs a complete overhaul as well, no one should be getting matched up against teams who are 3 ranks higher than those. I get the community is equally as responsible as NBA 2K20 for toxic things they do (restart teams to perform easier opponents, high rep people only playing experts, etc.) but 2k itself should do things to protect against this.

Though I believe the true problem of MyCareer is at a more basic level. Basically, MyCareer should be a fun mode to play it's a cornerstone of each sports game, create your own player and build them up until they are a beast/legend. Appeals to everybody. Whether you want to realize that long lost dream of being a professional athlete when you were a kid or you also want to try and make a better version of a legend or you're just messing about, the goal of the manner is to explore and have fun. The work is to make the journey enjoyable. The dilemma is that this manner is not fun.

Playing countless hours on one player since you level up much slower than in previous matches, simply to realize halfway in that you'd really like to change your player or create a different build after you've figured out the exceptional tendencies of NBA 2K20, however you can't without starting over or paying 40 to skip grinding repetitive ass games against a CPU, is not enjoyable. Allow it to be much quicker to position up and get better, and let some ability to be able to change elements of your player when you hit particular career points maybe (such as the best players alter how they play over time)? Just a thought.

In previous games, the true grind was much quicker, and though it was much more limited, focused on cool items for the participant like endorsements and becoming to the all star sport, etc, not the evolution of your players involvement in certain trying way too difficult to be off the beaten path and eventually generic buttocks story - who cares about this? No one wants to play in China to get a little if they understand that it is only a dull prequel to shooting in the NBA - there's no purpose of that and it simply adds a bunch of mt for sale 2k20 naturally hours of gameplay.

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