The Wildest Dreams DIY set includes both indoor and outdoor furniture

The Wildest Dreams DIY set includes both indoor and outdoor furniture


Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have noticed the Wildest Dreams DIY recipe sitting on the shelf in Nook's Cranny. It has got a Animal Crossing Bells pretty exciting name and costs 6,980 Bells there's something great from the pack? There is! They may not be reminiscent of your wildest dreams, but the DIY recipe set offers players a lot of cool new choices.

The Wildest Dreams DIY set includes both indoor and outdoor furniture. The best reason would be to unlock the Ironwood Kitchenette crafting option. It is among the most sought-after items in the game and gamers around the globe are trying to get their hands on it. Here's the list of recipes you'll unlock.

We would recommend picking this up as soon as you have the spare Bells As you can purchase the Wildest Fantasy DIY set on in your adventures. You get a good deal for the money, too, and 6,980 Bells is a steal to get some of these options. If you haven't unlocked K.K. Slider however, crafting and placing these things across your island is a great way to increase your town rating and entice the travel artist to pay you a visit.

A word of warning because you've unlocked the Ironwood Kitchenette doesn't mean you'll have it to be crafted by the things. Beyond iron and timber stoves you'll also need to find an dresser along with a board. The Ironwood Dresser recipe appears to be a fall that is random, and the same goes for the cutting board. Lucky players might opportunity out and see them at Nook's Cranny, but it'll take a good deal of playing before you put eyes on these. Or, you can hit the subreddit up and see if another player is prepared to trade.

It is certainly an item you'll want to buy whenever possible although the Wildest Dreams DIY recipe set might not be the most exciting apparel in the island. Craft everything you are able to throw it all in your own island, and dream of the day when you're able to finally build your Ironwood Kitchenette.

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