I believe that this would also benefit 2k

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Remove all ability to change settings even the ability to decide on the exact play that's called. This all should be controlled with the mix of player selected, coach chosen and playbook. I think that this will lead to all sorts of staff builds for play styles. The problem with 2k for decades has been play the META or shed. We shouldn't need to change each time we are loading in to a game although this should be self explanatory but Buy NBA 2K20 MT.

Keep position locks, but also make it even more inflexible. I think that the example is 2k seem to provide players a place based on height. This ought to be based off what the players have played. A good example of this could be a younger durant could play SF and SG but he would not be too elite as a prime durant who'd play with SF or PF. They might launch a PG giannis however he would not be as dominant as giannis who has not played with PG. That is it. Game style fixed. Non of them would require any match engine modifications as they are just easy restrictions. They would like to compare it to some trading card game, they should look at the balancing of trading card games. I believe that this would also benefit 2k as they would have the ability to release more cards, such as multiple cards of the identical player with either a different tier or standing.

I'll apologize now bcuz I am sure it's been brought up but it is among the very underrated game mechanics and for me have been destroying the game for me for decades but we want full control over whether or not we go up for a dunk or a layup. Nothing other than controller is unacceptable. Obviously if you're extremely short than there should be a cut away for being able to dunk and maybe if you're just a terrible dunker than that I could live with the way the system is currently but when I am a pure slasher, which I usually make one annually bcuz they was how I would have fun and get a break from just shooting 3s before the last couple years, but I shouldn't not know what my player is gonna go for when I go to get a dip.

Ever. 2k19 and 2k20 have drained my level of patience on those animations in the game, but seeing dunking I'd rather move the rod to go up for a dunk and get completely shutdown and/or whiff the dunk if I am forcing it just like back in 2k18 daily Vs what we got today where you do not understand what cartoon youre gonna get. Not bragging but I could dip in actual life and I'd envision that the pros can say exactly the same but when I'm play a real game of ball or at any time for that matter, at not stage have I ever wished to go up with it and wondered if I am going to do a layup or dunk it. Can't tell you how many times I've seen or been the Person Who got blocked or did the cube when a participant in the pain gets his guy beat or pump fake and Find the defenders to leap and then the player who pump faked.

Should unless theres a simple 3.

Proceed to dip and they'll find the most embarrassing, slow, unathletetic layup I've never seen a true person try in my whole life until this match. As you could imagine if it is somebody slipped past by it, doesn't fall. In my middle ball coach seen anybody on my group back when I was that young, do a number of these animations that are in the NBA MT Coins game rn. He had bench your bum. Mind you I said middle school coach. My father was my high school mentor and tbh I can not say what he would do bcuz no one was dumb enough to play like this, largely bcuz any participant knows that is not how you ought to ever play basketball and the remainder is bcuz my ole guy woulda humiliated you until you stop that moronic shit.

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