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The gods won't be all changed. Also, there would be a new rule: you can report someone for OSRS gold disobeying a religion/this applies to anyone who makes fun of a religion, even if they are atheists and buddhist. The punishment could be suspension.

This is an option. To change it, click on the symbol at the top of the page. It's just like language selection but bigger. If you think this is a load of nonsense, it's because whenever I log on, My character always "praises the Saradomin. I'd like to alter this to be more compatible with other religions. I have done some surveys and discovered that 3/10 of runescape players were Christians.

You would also expect that the armor and other similar items would be the exact same except for their names. I was thinking there are Christian-only universes that don't require you to tune into another version to find your friend. Thank you! (in advance)

What I meant was a brand new mini game that was a combination of pest control, FoG, Clan Wars, Castle Wars, and Duel Arena combined. This is how it looks: You can challenge other people to fight in Duel Arena. You can also you can take on them in clan wars.

All runes can be supplied, and your arrows will return to you like fog. Pest Control is almost identical to the rewards, with the exception that you can boost your summoning with points. Another possibility is that you can all out war with cheap RS gold a huge set of people.