The benefits of German Transcription Services

The article provides information on the benefits of German transcription and also how german transcription services provide the best services


German is frequently viewed as a Langauge of business. So great is the influence of German in the business world that in the UK it is the most frequently sought after language for business. Besides, it is a language spoken by close to 100 million people and also is the official language of 6 countries. German to english transcription services and translation are frequently performed for businesses owing to the popularity of German products. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of transcribing in German.

German transcription helps in quick growth of businesses:
  1. Search engine optimization:,, and are the three most popular website in Germany. Creation and transcription of German audio/video can serve as a modality for content promotion. Search engines ping on words and phrases – essentially transcribing serves as a search engine mouthpiece for your audio and video file. Transcription helps in better SEO and SERP placement essentially helping to promote your businesses.
  2. As a form of communication: 5% of the world suffers from some form of hearing loss. Also, 13% of German have some form of hearing impairment. That is over 10 million people. Only a third of the people who have difficulty hearing use a hearing aid. A transcription is an effective tool for communication and connection with such audiences.
    Besides the translation of transcripts forms an effective modality of inter-business communication. German transcription services allow operational communication because of the ability it provides in searching and indexing spoken words.
  3. Learning and improving: German is spoken by 10-15 million people as their second language. Transcription can be an effective tool helping to absorb, connect, and develop upon a language. German to English transcription services can be an excellent tool for learning and improving. 
  4. Saving money: Audio files are created in MP3 format, video files in MP4 format, and scanned documents in picture format. The transcribed files, however, are in document format. One benefit digital documents have over pictures, audio-visual files are the space that it occupies. Secondly, digital documents can be index and searched accordingly. All these gains add up to help you save money in terms of server space, and space in document indexing.  
  5. Upholding confidentiality: In house documentation and integration into businesses CMS tools warrants industry secrets remain clandestine and discretion is maintained.
Choosing Professional German transcription services


Accurate transcripts and the benefits that follow is obtained exclusively with online German transcription services – here’s how:
First, lets us offer a summation on how German transcription online aids in providing timely, cost-effective, and quality transcription. The process of transcription begins with your upload of audio/video files that you want to be transcribed. A free quote is delivered and once the payment is made the files are forwarded to professional transcriber(s) who goes over the digital file in detail and transcribes it. If several speakers are speaking (as in an FGD) audio tracking is usually employed. The quality controller checks for the accuracy of the transcript and once all criteria are fulfilled the finished transcript is delivered to the client at the best possible German transcription rates. With German transcription services, quality transcription can be acquired at the comfort of the couch.