At 85+ variety you can go to the God Wars Dungeon to fight Armadyl boss.

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TzTok-Jad. After getting to around 70 on your Ranged ability you need to OSRS gold be able to solo Jad at TzHaar Fight Cave. This really is a minigame where you essentially have to battle against waves of monsters. In the end you'll face Jad which could be killed to unlock a Fire Cape. It's recommended to watch guides before beginning this challenge since it takes a lengthy time (approximately one hour) and you'll lose all of the progress upon dying.

KBD. If you are in group with other players this struggle should be simple attainable after hitting level 61. Just make sure you bring best possible ammunition to deal with maximum amount of damage potential.

Kree'arra. At 85+ variety you can go to the God Wars Dungeon to fight Armadyl boss. This one drops precious Armadyl set bits together with other products. Boss doesn't have any hard mechanics and is extremely straightforward to battle. Other fantastic bosses to challenge are Zulrah, Vorkath which may be fought around 90 Ranged. If you've liked our guide or it helped you in your experiences leave a comment below.

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