Is this still good money?

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I have been camping a good deal at OSRS gold metal dragons lately, looking for clue scrolls as well as effigies and court summons (I would say Vissy, however, I do not want to jinx it). I have been meleeing mostly, with a bit of mage when I get enough blood runes from drops. I really don't have a whole lot of cash (such as 600k cashpile atm, thats why I am at metal dragons). How do I improve my setup to be efficient/whatever.

Hey guys, I've just started up RS again and that I have a couple questions about things I've noticed. Ability capes, everybody appears to have one today, why is this? Barely anyone used to have them and today I am seeing lots of them even on low level players. Not only the cheap ones such as cooking/firemaking also. Combat levels, is it only me or is everyone a whole lot higher now? It used to be a rare thing to find a participant between 110-126, now all I see is red haha:D Is this because of the dungeoneering ability?

Also before I quit, one of my favourite ways of getting cash fast was adamant pubs from avansies. Is this still good money? Or is there any better ways? Extra. Ive been searching around a lot and it sounds summoning and dungeoneering are extremely crucial for high level hunting, since I've only just started again are there any advice about how to level these to 80-90 fast? And about how much time it will take? Quests, which of the newest ones will be helpful for me to do straight away? access/content-wise. Eg RfD for the lender under lumby etc.. Thanks you guys who can answer my questions, I've been out of the loop for so long now. Sorry for asking so many, but it seems I've missed ALOT.

Okay, basically I'm trying to get my fire cape, but I'm not sure what to take. What if I change? Sell my karil bow and purchase diamond bolts? Dunno how much ammo ill need I have 10m. And that I will sell/buy with those to find things I want. (obviously cant afford rangers or Old School RuneScape Gold fury so no point telling me to receive them.

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