There's plenty going down with Animal Crossing

There's plenty going down with Animal Crossing


In related news, did you know the shade of your air terminal's rooftop may suggest the shading choices accessible in both your Nook's Cranny and Animal Crossing Items stores? As per another theory that is sprung up on Reddit, your teacup ride will be dark if lamposts are green, and your air terminal's rooftop is blue. Different things are likewise also connected, as well, so if your Nook Store offers the beacon in blue and white stripes, your pool will have white tiles and your candy machine will be dark.

What's more, in the event that you've ever contemplated whether there's an example behind which visiting NPCs appear on your Animal Crossing: New Horizon's island and when, wonder no more. Turns out that there is LOLGA, to be sure, a calculation behind the arbitrary - and not really irregular - appearances from your number one guests - and a dataminer thinks they've worked it out.

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