Its all about the consistent feel more than the final result

Its all about the consistent feel more than the final result


I'm inclined to disagree because in leagues, you're limited to specific areas which subsequently limits what material you have access to. Its not an exact copy of the game using all the bothersome things removed like in the case of RS gold league of legends and urf.

Its all about the consistent feel more than the final result. You chase the feeling of achievement if you are playing osrs or league long term. And that atmosphere becomes eroded by leagues and urf. On the point that it no longer feels rewarding to play with the main game.

Well isn't that kind of the point he's making? It's in a sense fracturing a little part of the community to individuals that prefer just leagues. Not saying it's going to kill the match but stating that you play leagues proves this stage imo.It almost definitely raises the playerbase though as a whole. Both through enhanced twitch streams and just more individuals rejoining to play with leagues and only Wind up staying

I haven't played OSRS in a few months, but this is tempting me to return. How much longer can it be operating for?This post is me precisely! Im extremely curious how the following year goes to this match. . Is this the summit?

Things I think could continue to spice it up or be the way down to this roller coaster which is revival of OSRS

Will another trailblazer be in a position to be refreshing? Can group ironman get big groups of friends playing together again? Raids 3? Maybe it's because I only started playing like 6 weeks ago, and obtained my own character to mid level. Having to replicate all of the quests and things I have already gone , even using the xp promotes and so forth, only feels like a chore.

I've tried things I never could have otherwise (as a skiller) like KQ and the TzHaar area. Went into Leagues without a cheap RuneScape gold plan and I am enjoying every bit of it! Even met some nice people along the way, which surprised me the most

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